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Rosanne Johnson
Rosanne Johnson MA RCC - Registered Clinical Counsellor

Counselling for Single Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgendered and Straight People

Overcome Your Fear and Confusion and Fulfill Your Dream of Creating a Healthy Relationship

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • your relationships don’t ever seem to work out - they’re often hurtful or boring and you feel anxious and depressed because either you put up with them or stay alone
  • your last relationship was hurtful or abusive and you’re afraid to get involved with anyone else in case it happens again
  • you’ve just been dumped, you feel shattered and can’t figure out what happened or why
  • you settle for less in a relationship because you can’t handle being alone
  • your afraid to love someone again because of a past hurt
  • when you get involved with someone you feel suffocated and get so anxious that you end it just as it gets off the ground
  • you’re just coming out and find you have a lot of fear and confusion around relationships and feel awkward and insecure about the dating scene

When you’re confused and upset about relationship issues it can lead to feelings of low self concept and self esteem. You may begin to wonder if there’s something wrong with you and that could lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

You may be feeling hopeless about ever finding the right partner and feel that you’ll always be alone or stuck in a bad relationship. You may be so afraid of being alone that you stay with someone even if they’re totally wrong for you. You may have just gotten out of a bad relationship and can’t figure out why you stayed as long as you did and you don’t want to end up there again.

If you’re just coming out as a lesbian or gay person you may have a lot of fear and confusion connected to getting involved in an intimate relationship. If you’ve delayed coming out for a long time you may have also delayed your emotional and sexual development. This may make the idea of getting involved in a relationship a scary prospect. You’re probably wary of the dating scene. You don’t know how to meet people and the idea of going to a bar or other social gathering with LGBT people makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

You may be feeling hopeless or stuck – like your relationship problems are insurmountable but there is help available.

Working with a caring professional counsellor who specialises in LGBT relationship issues can help unravel the mystery of your relationship difficulties.

When you’re feeling confusion and pain the best thing you can do is reach out for help. Working with a counsellor who is also part of the LGBT community can help you work through your fears and confusion. It can also provide you with new insights and fresh perspectives which will help you overcome your relationship problems.

I’ve had over 14 years experience as a counsellor and therapist and have been out as a lesbian for over 30 years.

I understand relationship issues intimately both through my own experience and through my role of counsellor and therapist for others struggling with relationship issues. My counselling and therapy training has included a variety of therapeutic approaches that can help you quickly overcome your confusion doubt and fear.

Through counselling, I can help you feel good about yourself and confident that you’ll find the right person and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and long lasting relationship.

As we work together in counselling you will:

  • gain insight into why your relationships haven’t been working and begin to feel good again instead of anxious and depressed
  • overcome the fear that you’ll keep repeating old destructive patterns
  • gain new insight into why your relationship didn’t work out and stop blaming yourself
  • never settle for less then you deserve in a partner again
  • overcome your past hurts and learn to love again
  • get to the route of what makes you anxious about being in a relationship and begin to enjoy the benefits of intimacy
  • overcome any fear, awkwardness and insecurity about dating and relationships

The thought of talking to a counsellor or therapist about your relationship problems may seem frightening or overwhelming, but it can lead to a more balanced, fulfilling and exciting lifestyle.

As a counsellor and therapist I can help you. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters degree in counselling psychology Over the past 14 years, I have provided counselling and therapy to hundreds of people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Because I’ve struggled with my own relationship issues and have been part of the LGBT community for so many years, I deeply understand your difficulties with relationships and I am committed to helping you overcome them.

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when my clients move away from pain and confusion and toward creating a healthy, fun, romantic and supportive relationship in their lives.

If you’re ready for counselling, or think you may be, please contact me to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation. I can be reached at (604) 319-2345.


Rosanne Johnson is a counsellor and therapist who provides relationship counselling for singles in the lesbian, gay and transgendered community in Burnaby and Vancouver. Her offices are located at 1661 E 2nd Ave and Suite 300-3665 Kingsway.